Working in the Service & Support center

The Service & Support center allows you to communicate directly with the HelpServer support team. The means to communicate are called 'Challenges'. Challenges are topics that hold your questions, describe possible bugs, or recommendations for improvement of the software.

Your challenges are entered in a Workbench that will open the moment you have accessed the Service & Support center. That Workbench will appear either as an applet in your web browser (if you access from your own Workbench) or as a common window (if you access from an remote Workbench).

This topic describes the working methods of the Service & Support center. In the next images we show the applet version of the Workbench.

The Workbench applet

The folders you see in the tree nodes on the left are an extract of HelpServer's service database. These folders are fully dedicated to your company. Next is a short overview.

Upgrade news.


In this folder you find an short overview of what has changed or what is new in an upgrade. Detailed information about new features can be found in the authoring guides.

Challenges: Queue.


This is where you add new challenge topics. This folder acts as a waiting queue to process your requests.



If your request is merely a question about how to use a function or how to implement some behavior then the HelpServer support team will add the answer and move the challenge to this folder.



The implementation of your requests is provided by means of releases. Every month a software upgrade might be released. The 'Releases' folder contains a sub folder per release. This  allows you to easily find out when your request is implemented or will be implemented.



If your request is about a software change that cannot be implemented then it will be moved to the 'Rejects' folder.

Unrepeatable issues.


Here challenges are classified which can not be reproduced by you nor by the HelpServer support team.

Only the 'Challenges: Queue' folder can be used to add new challenges. The other folders are maintained by the 4.ST support people.

Adding a new challenge

If you can work with your own Workbench you can work with our Service & Support center. Adding and editing challenges is very simple. Follow these steps.

Adding a new challenge

Popup up the menu on the 'Challenges: Queue' folder and select 'New > 'Challenge'.

Entering the description

On the window that opens enter the short description of your problem and click 'Next'.

Indicating the challenge request type

On the next pane you indicate the type of your request. Please indicate this as realistically as possible. It will help the HelpServer team to investigate and process your request as soon as possible.

You can choose between the following request types.

How to


If you are wondering how to perform a function, how to set up parts of your project, how to implement things such as security, dynamic content, etc... and you do not find the explanation in the HelpServer guides then you can submit a How to request.

Nice to have.


These are suggestions that might improve the usability and the user friendliness of the software such as having to select 2 options instead of 3 or performing a function in 3 steps instead of 4, etc. This type of request also includes cosmetic improvements in the graphical user interface.

Annoying behavior, but my project can continue.


These are bugs that popup every now and then while performing a task. However, these will not hold you from continuing your project because there are alternative methods or because you can continue working on other parts of the project.

Hard to continue my project.


These are issues that might postpone the release of your project significantly. It might be software bugs that shut of a specific function or features that you expected to be part of the product but that you miss in the HelpServer software without an alternative.

Complete shutdown of the HelpServer usage.


This indicates a software failure that shuts off the usage of the HelpServer software or that stops your project completely without any possible workaround.

Click 'OK' and the new challenge will be added to the folder. The system assigns an individual ticket number to the challenge.

New challenge with ticket number added

This ticket number identifies the challenge and can be used as a reference during any further communication.

We suggest that you add a new challenge per request instead of combining multiple requests in one topic.

Editing a challenge

If you select the challenge topic in the left pane you can edit it on the right pane. You can enter text, images, video, sound, ... 

Before adding new input to the challenge topic we strongly advise you to put the cursor at the bottom of the challenge topic and click on the 'Comment' button on top of the toolbar as shown in the image below.

Using the comment button

Clicking this button creates a separator line and a string containing your company code, your initials, and a date-time stamp.

The most important behavior of this button however, is that it triggers HelpServer's notification system. In this way the HelpServer support team is notified about new challenges and new input or comments added to challenge.

Resetting the challenge request type

On top of the topic is short overview of the challenge properties. You will recognize the 'Request type' field you have chosen when adding the challenge. This field can be changed in the following way.

Changing the challenge request type

Just double click on the 'Request type' field and a window will open where you can reset the value. Note that the other fields (Status and Customer) cannot be change. These will be initialized automatically and can be reset by the HelpServer support team.

The challenge status and workflow

Through the challenge status property you can follow the workflow of the challenge.

The challenge status

You cannot change this property. It is adjusted automatically and it can have the following values.

Customer queue.


This indicates that the challenge is waiting to be processed or that the work is put on hold.

First line queue and Second line queue.


This means that the support people are investigating, analyzing, or programming to solved the problem. We hope you understand that this can take time. During this process the challenges still remains in your 'Challenge: Queue' folder but it also remains in folders dedicated to the 4.ST support people. In this way every support engineer at 4.ST knows his exact 'challenges' workload.



This indicates that our support team has given a satisfied response to a question that does not involve any software change. The challenge is then moved from your 'Challenges: Queue' folder to your 'Responses' folder. This folder is subdivided in subfolders per year.



The solution is or will be implemented programmatically. The challenge is moved from your 'Challenges: Queue' folder and classified under a subfolder of your 'Releases' folder. This folders holds a subfolder per year and in each of them you find a subfolder per month indicating the month during which the solution is or will be released.

At the end of each month we automatically release a new upgrade.

Then you will need to upgrade your HelpServer software.

This can be the current month or a month in the (near) future. Anyway, it will give you an idea on when to expect a software solution.

Unrepeatable issue.


Our technicians nor the customer cannot reproduce the problem. The challenge is then moved from your 'Challenges: Queue' folder and classified under your 'Unrepeatable issues' folder. This folder is subdivided in subfolders per year.

So, a challenge can flow from your own folder 'Challenges: Queue' folder through other folders. The folder where a challenge remains also indicates its progress or status. If a challenge is classified in your  'Responses', 'Releases', Rejects', and 'Unrepeatable issues'  folder, then basically it means that the work is finished. If it still remains in your 'Challenges: Queue' folder then the work is not (yet) done.

No matter where the challenge remains, you are always able to edit it.

Note however, that a challenge could bounce between all those folders and hence its status could jump back from for example 'Second line' to 'Customer queue' (meaning the work has come to a dead end and it is temporally put on hold) or from 'Unrepeatable issue' to 'Second line' (meaning that all of a sudden the issue could be reproduced and the support people have restarted the investigation).

The challenge notification

At each node in the workflow information may be added or requested by you or by the HelpServer support team. If that new input is added by means of that special 'Comment' button than:

A blog-like comment/entry  appears in the topic.


The involved people, including you, will be notified.


Every time a notification is posted you will receive a message in your HelpServer inbox.  If you are currently not logged on to the Service & Support center you will receive a regular e-mail telling you to check your HelpServer Inbox. If you then log on to the Service & Support center you will see the messages in the Inbox pane at the bottom-right of the Workbench.

Messages in the Workbench inbox

If the Inbox pane is minimized you can click on the envelope icon bottom right of your screen. If the envelope icon is spinning, this means you have new messages in your HelpServer inbox.

Changing your password

You can change your password by selecting the 'My profile' object in the left pane.

Changing your password

Next, click on the 'Change password' button on the right pane. Consider the following restrictions when choosing your own password:

Your password has to contain minimum 6 characters.


Your password is case-sensitive.


You cannot use the e-mail address as your password  (in other words do not use  the e-mail address to which we initially sent the HelpServer online Service & support URL).



In case you need a handy overview of the status of your challenges you can request a printed version of the challenges content. You do this by popping up the menu of one of the folders on the left pane and selecting 'Print'.

Printing the challenge content

Note however that you will need to enable pop-ups in your browser. Sometimes it might be necessary to close your browser completely and try again.


The moment you are registered to the Service & Support center you will receive an email including a user ID and a password (the user ID will be the same as the email address you provided). Then you can access the Service & Support center in two ways.

From your own Workbench


The easiest  way is to access the service & support center directly from your own Workbench by selecting the 'Help>Service & Support' item as shown in the next image.

Accessing the service & support center from your HelpServer Workbench

That would also be the most obvious choice because after all our Service & Support center deals most of the time with questions people have when they are working with the Workbench.

However, the Service & Support center will run as an applet in your web browser. Not all browsers are by default suitable to run applets. So, in case you might experience problems please read the instruction in Starting up the Workbench in the web browser.

From a remote Workbench


You can download and install a separate Workbench to access the 4.ST server. To perform this you can find a quick step-by-step installation guide here.

The moment you are connected to the Service & Support center you will have to logon in the same way as you would do in your own HelpServer environment.

Logging on to the Service & Support center

Just enter the user ID and password you find the the email from 4.ST or its representative and click 'OK'.