Administration - Introduction


 Opening the administration window
 Granting other crew members admin priveleges
 Your license
 Distinguishing public from private content
 Preventing anonymous people to construct their own profile
 Using cookies to support the logon
 The password control options
 Controlling the access of anonymous resource names
 Using legacy user accounts and a single sign on
 Decorating the logon page
 The regional options
 The default settings
 The database settings
 The system Urls
 The messaging services
 Server & session control
 System monitoring
 Tuning the search engine
 Enabling or disabling search engine crawls
 Translating web forms
 Defining file MIME types
 Custom settings
 Upgrading the HelpServer software
 HelpServer as root application
 The Workbench memory settings
 HelpServer as a secured application
 Supporting multiple domains