Why Hyatt is using HelpServer


Our Human Resources Systems department supports over 800 geographically dispersed users for multiple systems and needed a way to provide accurate user’s guides.  HelpServer allowed us to move our complex users guides online and make updates in real-time.

Additionally for our most complex guides with hundreds of screens shots, HelpServer allows us to link and reuse individual screenshots so when updates need to be made we only replace one and it updates throughout the guide. 


"I am very pleased with HelpServer and our users like it too!" Support provider 

“The HelpServer tool is very useful to me with my daily employment duties. The guide is very user friendly with its methods of searching for specific items, adding favorites, as well as allowing you to print specific sections and not the entire book. Great tool with awesome benefits!”    Human Resources Manager

“HelpServer provides structure, organization, and easy access to a wealth of information. This makes finding documentation quick and easy and helps us in the field complete tasks more accurately the first time around.”  Human Resources Manager


Jeanne Kalinowski, CPP, HRIP

Director of HR Information Systems Hyatt Hotels & Resorts

Information provided February, 2012.