Why eCircle is using HelpServer

eCircle uses HelpServer to provide real time access to context sensitive help and documentation for their web-based marketing applications. The access is integrated in the application itself and if people need any assistance the help is just one click away! In the next image you can see that the help button is added at the right top corner of the application page.

eCircle application with help button

If people click on the help button a new browser window opens and the appropriate help content is retrieved from the HelpServer database in real time over the Internet.

HelpServer content accessed in real time over the Internet

On this window people can use various features (the features are marked with numbered labels in the above image).

A comprehensive search function, all kind of preferences can be set (label 1).


Access to the entire help document (label 2).


Choosing the language (label 3).


Print as PDF-file (label 4).


Last change date and time (label 5).


The content is shown in an hierarchic manner (label 6).


The content topic contain screenshots help (label 7).


Hyperlinks to other parts of the content, for example to a glossary or other web pages (label 8).


Further more people can

Download files directly from the help topics.


Have designated content based on their profile.



" The above features are just a small part of the multitude of features which HelpServer offers. "

" eCircle is very satisfied with HelpServer because it exactly fits our needs. In case we ever missed a function, then the HelpServer support team has always been very open to our suggestions and has always offered us convenient solutions to our problems. It is a pleasure working with the HelpServer support team. "

Next are a few more images of HelpServer content shown in the web browser.

An overview of the entire content in a tri-pane window

A view to the entire glossary folder

A glossary item embedded in a topic

Information provided by eCircle - September 2008.