Why Nikon Metrology is using HelpServer

3D hardware and software systems products involve a wide range of high-end technical knowledge. Due to this and the fact that Nikon Metrology is active all over the globe was leading to dispersed knowledge islands having to cope with decentralized and redundant information. This meant that documentation management was costly, time consuming and rather difficult.

“ Information already existed within Nikon Metrology. However, this information was available through different channels (FTP, local servers, CD,...) and available in different formats   (Word documents, Excel sheets, PDF, RoboHelp Projects, AuthorIT XML, drawings, etc. ...). ”

Despite the fact that they were using another CMS, which they acquired as a result of a take-over, Nikon Metrology was looking for a better solution and after they noticed the benefits of the server-based HelpServer approach accounted for purchasing HelpServer.

It is is an affordable CMS.


It takes really good care of  multi-authoring.


If is a fully scalable integrated CMS, DMS and Help authoring solution.


All the frequently changing documentation is now stored in a central database and both are immediately  up-to-date and direct accessible over the Internet.


Thanks to its document and file management capabilities it is also possible distribute upgrade files and patches over the web.


HelpServer content can also be made available off-line.


A individual dealer and partner has to the point tailor-made content.


Some part of the content is automatically generated in PDF files the moment people access it over the Internet.


Easy translation features.


The ability to import existing content (Author IT, RoboHelp) into HelpServer.



" We noticed  a serious decrease in incoming phone-calls from our own engineers in the field ... who where before the implementation of HelpServer sometimes desperately seeking support any time of the day.  This generates substantial Return On Investment. "

Field-engineers do not need to hunt for information anymore.


Help and documentation can be provided in a pro-active way now.


Create content only once and harvest through reusability


Output is provided in multiple ways (and this automatically)


Nikon Metrology software even can be distributed using HelpServer eg. upgrades and patches.


An increase in quality:


Centrally stored high-quality content is offered now and reused throughout the company.


A reduced error-rate: because the information is always up-to-date.


Company and document-wide look & feel.


Information tailored to the user’s profile ( language, role & responsibility within the company).



Information provided by Nikon Metrology - July 2008.