Authoring - Maintaining the feedback

The feedback pane supports a couple of actions that can be handy if you are responsible for processing feedback.

Maintaining the feedback

Copy, Copy all.


With this function you can copy a selected feedback item and its dependent replies or all feedback items respectively. You can then paste the entire content as one block. The copy function can also be used on the pop up menu.

Remove, Remove all.


This is to clean up a specific selected feedback item along with its replies or all feedback items respectively.  The remove function can also be used on the pop up menu. The ability to execute this action is of course security related.

Calculating totals


If the feedback is related to a folder, you can click the ‘Calculate totals’ button. This function calculates the number of feedback items and the total average rate for all the feedback of that folder and its dependants. In this way you have an idea about the quality of an entire book or chapter.

Calculating totals


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