How to - Legacy content, importing

How to

 Animation with topics
 AuthorIT, convert
 Bookmarks, revalidate
 Broken links, prevent
 Bullets, images, numbering for list styles
 Clean up content
 Conditional table rows and columns
 Content access over the Internet
 Cookies, enable or disable
 Distribute content in files
 Dita, convet
 Document management
 Documentation for products with features
 Download files from a website
 Drop down, create
 Duplicate content
 Dynamic content
 Embedding content
 Expandable chunks of content, create
 Expanding content in a paragraph
 Files with odd extension
 Files, distributing over the Internet
 Files, including in de content
 Font, color, background of the web pages
 FrameMaker, convert
 Grouping topics
 Help pages for a web based application
 Help system with HTML Help
 Help system, offline, creating
 Help system, online, creating
 HelpServer content in my own website, including
 Htlml code, including
 Hyperlink, showing target in its context
 Hyperlinks, removing
 Hyperlinks, revalidate
 Hyperlinks, usage
 Icons, usage in content tree
 Language selection, enabling on web pages
 Legacy content, convert
 Legacy content, importing
 Legacy user account, using
 Legacy user accounts, importing
 Logo on HelpServer webpages
 Logon page, decorating
 Media files for downloading
 Media files, enforce reusing
 Media files, including
 Menubar, create
 Modular and standardized topics
 MS Word documents, convert
 Multi authoring
 Multiple domains, supporting with the same HelpServer
 Navigation, types of, creation and usage
 PDF files, unsecured
 Pdf, Acrobat Reader
 Pdf, convert
 Popup up, create
 Prefix 'Book:', 'Chapter:', 'Topic:', etc in the description, hidden or shown
 Print content with a preset company lay-out
 Print, first & last page
 Print, header & footers
 Print, page references in hyperlinks
 Print, scale images automatically
 Project, reorganizing
 Public and private content, distinguishing
 RoboHelp, convert
 Security, set up
 Share and reuse content
 Share and reuse content, enforcing
 Single sign on, setup
 Structured authoring rules
 Table heading on each page
 Toggler, create
 Translation in the mass
 User ID and password, posting in customized HTML
 User profiles, content based on
 Variables with multiple values
 Variables, default value
 Versioning, clean up
 Versioning, restore
 Versioning, starting point
 Video hosting services, including
 Web pages, forms, convert
 Web pages, including