Authoring - The Workbench log on

The access to the HelpServer content in the Workbench is always controlled by a logon procedure that prompts you to enter a user ID and a password. The user ID and password to be entered here depends on the following cases.


For the logon to access your own installed trial version or to access your 4.ST SaaS trial environment you can use the predefined user ID 'Administrator', a password is not required.


For the logon to access your own commercial-quality server installation the user ID and password should be provided by your HelpServer administrator.


For the logon to access the 4.ST Service & Support system the user ID and password can be found in the email you received from 4.ST or its representative.


The 'Logon' window

Each time you start the HelpServer Workbench the 'Logon' window pops up. Enter your user ID and password and click 'OK' to continue. If the user ID and password are valid then the Workbench will open.

Unknown account

If the user ID is invalid, you are prompted to retry.

Invalid password

If your user ID is correct and you mistype your password, you are also prompted to retry. Make sure to use the correct uppercase and lowercase characters. If you have forgotten your password you can click on the 'I have forgotten my password' link.

Retrying the password one more time

If you mistype the password repeatedly, the system can automatically disconnect your account. In that case you are prompted to retry one more time.

Account disconnected temporally

If you still enter an invalid password then your account is disconnected for a period of time.

Retrying after awhile

If you retry to logon and your account is still disconnected a message will indicate how much longer you will have to wait.

The administrator can also manually disconnect your account or he could even shut of the automatic reconnection facility in the logon procedure. In that case you will see the following message on the 'Logon' window.

Account disconnected permanently

Talk to your administrator, only he is allowed to reconnect your account.

You can open multiple Workbench sessions on the same workstation but then you need multiple user accounts. If you try to logon with an account that is already logged on on the same or another workstation you will see the following message on the 'Logon' window.

User account already in use


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