The following chapters are tutorials to learn and study the various functions in HelpServer's authoring tool, the 'Workbench'. The most effective way to use these tutorials is to start up a Workbench and to follow the steps in the chapters.

Most of the chapters are self contained so you can start with whatever interests you. However, the topics do progressively increase their demands on your knowledge so beginners may find it easier to start at the first chapter and work their way through.

While the authoring chapters are tutorials, the alphabetically organized how to list helps you find the instructions on how to do various tasks in the Workbench.


About HelpServer


Starting up and logging on


The basic working principles


Using the content in help and documentation systems


Formatting the content


Searching and replacing text


Reusing content with shares


Navigating with hyperlinks


Navigating with pointerpaths


Using bookmarks and jumps


Duplicating content with clones


Using tables


Including media files


Navigating to web pages


Using embedded chunks


Including html code


Navigating with menus


Using snippets


Spelling checking


Using the view mode


Creating an index


Creating a FAQ


Creating a glossary


Team authoring


Working with projects


Setting up structured authoring


Generating file based output


Creating printed output


Importing files and folders


Loading files in the project gallery


Converting legacy content


Transferring objects between installations


Including legacy content in real time










Customizing the look and feel


User accounts




Working with templates


Working with metadata






Workflow management