Installing a commercial-quality version - Introduction

HelpServer's trial version is good for testing purposes or for small sized usually single-author projects. There is also a commercial-quality version of the HelpServer software available. In this version you can choose your own web application server and your own database system. This is a common recommendation for environments where multiple authors work together on medium sized or large projects.

Starting with a commercial-quality version requires another installation approach. You cannot turn a trial installation into a commercial-quality version. Use this installation guide to setup an commercial-quality environment based on a configuration of your choice.

Installing a commercial-quality version

 Step 1 Checking the JAVA environment
 Step 2 Downloading the installation module
 Step 3 Installing on the workstation
 Step 4 Configuring the web application server
 Step 5 Defining the data source
 Step 6 Starting up
 Step 7 Installing additional Workbenches
 Recommended hard- and software