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March 2, 2024




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Available in our cloud or self hosted on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and z/OS systems

Deliver the right information to the right people


Support web and desktop applications


Engage team authoring anytime, anywhere


See for yourself what you gain with HelpServer


What you gain with HelpServer

Deliver the right information to the right people

One of the best ways to increase efficiency is to deliver personalized and targeted content over the web to the person who needs it

With HelpServer, you have a unique approach to supporting dynamic content and ensuring that tailored information reaches your targeted audience. There is no need to write scripts or to develop programming skills. Instead, the dynamic character of the content relies on conditions you define in the system. These can be based on events and behavior in your organization's processes or on the roles, the preferences, or the experience people have in your company.

Once the conditions are defined, you apply these as markers to different areas of your content or you split up a topic into dynamic chunks of information. You can even use tags in a topic to mark words, sentences, or paragraphs that need to be displayed or printed conditionally. This is the way to produce multiple results from one source.

HelpServer keeps all the chunks of content nicely together in its Workbench, which greatly facilitates maintenance and translation.

When your users browse the content, HelpServer checks the conditions against their profile, the occurrence of predefined events, or variable/value pairs entered in the URL or provided by an exit routine. Next, the server dynamically compiles the chunks of content in function of the conditions. Thus, people can browse, export, or print tailored content without having to hunt for it.

With this feature your authors do not require any technical skills. So, there is no downtime waiting for scriptwriters to get the job done. Anyone with basic word processing skills can create dynamic content. Armed with the ability to easily deploy content in the user's own language, authors can now focus on content creation instead of on management and formatting activities.

Take a look at all the features

The HelpServer cloud

The HelpServer cloud

Content authoring without hassles

Today's data centers require a great deal of nursing. Cloud computing is a vision of the data center of tomorrow. It is a way to increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructure, training and retraining personnel, or licensing new software. It is an infrastructure that is billed like a utility for dynamic service movement, growth, and protection.

For our customers, it means

No up-front investment in servers or software licensing,


Flexibility and scalability,


On-demand services,


Transparency of costs.  


We offer SaaS as a cloud-computing service model to support web-based content authoring solutions. While traditional business applications and platforms have become ever more complicated and expensive, cloud-computing models have all the earmarks of a disruptive innovation: it is enterprise technology packaged to fit best the needs of small businesses and start-ups.

Request a trial in the HelpServer cloud and take full advantage of the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product.

Key features

Key features

What you get is a comprehensive solution

HelpServer's features allow you to create and maintain content and help projects in a team or as a single author. You can start small and simple and go gradually beyond conventional content management.

Which solution to choose

Which solution to choose

Client server

HelpServer involves two kinds of clients.


Your authors use a Workbench to create and maintain the content. They can install it on their pc or use a web browser plugin.


Your end-users use their web browser (without any plugin) to consult that content.


Whether it is in the office or at home, each client accesses its server seamlessly over the Internet or Intranet.

The server component controls the data source that holds your content. In other words, it serves your authors in creating content and your end-users in consuming content.


The server is designed to handle a virtual unlimited number of concurrent clients. Obviously, with a high load of concurrent requests, the performance and response times can become unpredictable.

Self hosted or cloud hosted

You can self host HelpServer or have it hosted in our cloud. There is no difference in features. If you choose to self host and you expect a high workload, provide a robust hardware and network configuration at the server side.

If you need to jump in or out our cloud, it's possible to transport your content.

Why HelpServer

Why HelpServer

People like HelpServer because...

The intuitive, multi-platform authoring tool, equipped with simple yet powerful functions.


HelpServer's content authoring tool, the Workbench, provides the framework for organizing and editing all the elements of a content management system or a help project on multiple platforms. It's a clean and beginners-friendly tool.

HelpServer provides structure, organization, and easy access to a wealth of information.


This makes using documentation on the web pleasantly surprising and generates substantial Return On Investment.

The customer service.


We are dedicated to service and support and to smoothly manage all your support queries we use an interactive web based service and support center. We recommend every customer to use this facility. It is included in the maintenance plan.



Frequently ask questions

This FAQ answers a handful of the most common questions people have when they are looking for systems to support content management, documentation management, knowledge management, and user assistance.






Brief overview and description of all the features



Authoring and administration



Authoring, to teach yourself the various functions of HelpServer's authoring tool.


Administration, to customize and upgrade a HelpServer installation.





Installing a commercial-quality version to setup a HelpServer environment with a configuration of your choice.


Installing a remote Workbench, to access a remote HelpServer database.


Starting up the Workbench applet, to use HelpServer's authoring tool in your web browser.


License agreements

License agreements


Please email to to request the license agreements.


Request a trial

Request a trial version


The trial version lasts 30 days and it includes all features and full online access to the documentation. It is not meant for production work.


Please email to and try to answer the following questions in your mail. We reply as soon as possible to propose an agreeable price.


What types of content do you produce?


For example product manuals, user guides, catalogues, web based content,  help and training systems, ...


Do you localize content to other languages?



Does your content require frequent updates?



Do you have multiple contributors to the content?



Is your content distributed in files or is it centralized and accessible over the Internet?



Do you want to use HelpServer in the cloud or do you prefer self hosting?



About us


Our company

The company behind HelpServer is 4.ST - Services Systems Software Support Technologies in Belgium, Europe. Since the foundation of 4.ST in 1987, we have been an important provider of highly respected products to implement multi-platform help and content management systems resulting in an improved quality of the user assistance and in an enhanced productivity of the end users and programming professionals.

With our broad background in help and content management systems we strive to leverage leading-edge technology to provide your enterprise with solutions to increase productivity and efficiency at the organization and the end-user level.

We are focused on improving the quality and enhancing the functionality of our products with a strong emphasis on customer service and feedback.

Our mission

When we started drawing the blueprints for a new system for web-based content management and help our mission was:

To enhance the quality of content to better support the end-users’ needs.


To get this job done without increasing the complexity of the content author’s job.


To provide this as a comprehensive enterprise solution with an eye to the future.


After years of research and development we succeeded. The result turned out to be a shift from a traditional software model to a web-based approach that introduced another way to organize and use enterprise content.


Partners are vital to HelpServer. An outstanding product accompanied by exceptional partners will help to excel in solution delivery and to achieve customer satisfaction.

Join our team if you wish to be part of this success story.

Next companies have taken the advantage of this opportunity.

IBM PartnerWorld for ISVs


We have been a member in the IBM PartnerWorld for ISVs program since 1997. For more information on this program go to IBM PartnerWorld for ISVs


LBi Software


LBi Software is a HelpServer implementation and integration partner.

LBi Software develops custom applications when off-the-shelf software and major enterprise (HCM/ERP/CRM) applications do not fit the need.


We do not currently have any open positions. We are always interested to hear more about you.

Email your resume to

Service and support

Service and support

About our Service & Support center

We offer our customers and prospects the ability to communicate directly with our support team using an interactive web-based Service & Support center. It is actually a HelpServer Workbench running in your web browser that remotely accesses our service database over the Internet.

Your entire communication is stored in dedicated folders on our server database. Furthermore, with our service & support center you communicate directly with the entire HelpServer support team, and your question is automatically delegated to the engineer with the appropriate skill and expertise. Over the years, this approach has proven to be the most effective way to deal with our customers' questions and problems.

Registering to the Service & support center

Access to the Service & Support center is restricted to registered customers and prospects. Contact to request a registration. We suggest that you request one registration per trial version and the moment you have acquired a permanent license you can request a registration per author.

The working principles are explained in working in the Service & Support center


Our office


4.ST - Services Systems Software Support Technologies

Romeinse straat 10 B4

B-3001 Leuven Belgium

Phone: +32 16 40.40.54

Our staff


Email to


Current Events

Currently there are no new events planned.





The user is put at the center

Information in the user's own language

Providing information in different languages is one of the most important ways to enhance the usability of help and documentation systems. In HelpServer, this feature is unmatched.


In HelpServer people can maintain their own profile and select one or more languages. Once you’ve done the translation, your users will see the content in their own language.

Documents may combine globalized content with content in a ‘fall back’ language, such as English. If a content object is not available in a specific language, then it is automatically replaced by its generic counterpart.

Standards across look-and-feel for a user friendly presentation and navigation

HelpServer fully separates the presentation from the content by means of page styles. This kind of separation enables you to factor out repetition and shared aspects and deal with them only once. In this way, managing the presentation of a document becomes much easier, and the same document can be presented in several ways.


HelpServer's page styles are very flexible, require no scripting or programming skills, and meet the requirements of most help and documentation projects. You can easily determine the way in which navigation bars, action bars, and the body of all the web pages are laid out and presented to the user in the browser window. You can define colors, fonts, icons, and buttons and even add sound effects and animation.

The user's personal notes in one place

The personal notes feature in HelpServer allows your users to add information to a topic while reading it in the web browser. This can be anything that helps the reader to understand or use the topic such as a hint, a tip, or a reminder.


In HelpServer personal notes consist of simple text rendered in a block and stored in HelpServer’s database. The notes are specific to each authenticated user and can be changed and deleted only by the user who created them. You can assign permissions to use this feature in the context of a project, a book, a chapter or even a specific topic.

Location of content through effective use of metadata

Metadata are chunks of information that are attached to content so that your users can easily find and retrieve topics without hunting for them. The metadata exist apart from the content and can clarify the significance, meaning and use of the content.


Metadata can fall in different categories, but the most common metadata are management elements such as author, subject, project, customer, creator, creation date, and status.

In HelpServer, the metadata are the field/value combinations that you define according your requirements. Settings in the metadata indicate whether it is to be attached automatically to the content or manually when you add new content.

Content exposed to search engines

HelpServer's content objects are search-engine friendly and are optimized for search-engine exposure. If search-engine optimization (SEO) is a strong marketing device for you, you can have search spiders crawl the content and display the HelpServer topics in the search result lists. Access to the topics found is handled entirely by HelpServer's server engine. To protect privileged content, you can always use the extended security feature.

Take a look at all the features



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What you gain with HelpServer













Enter HelpServer, a multi-platform solution to manage enterprise content and online user assistance on the web.

With the HelpServer Workbench, teams of authors can create structured content as reusable and shareable objects. This enables them to keep up with the explosion of information and make projects easy to maintain. These projects can support content management, document and file management as well as context-sensitive help for web and desktop applications.

Authors are able to collaborate on projects even when they are geographically dispersed. They can activate new content and changes to existing content by means of a click.

People all over the world can then access that content in real time over the Internet. The HelpServer server engine dynamically delivers the most relevant information based on the user's specific needs.


As more and more information becomes available on the web, securing that data becomes increasingly important. And when it comes to getting watertight security, each company will have its own requirements.